Some of our own equipment includes:


  • Laser cutting machine "TRUMPH" L3030, able to cut up to 10mm Inox, 20mm black steel, 6mm aluminum. Maximum dimensions of sheet 3000X1500mm
  • Digitally controllable hydraulic bending press; up to 175 tons of pressure and 3 meters area of bending
  • Digitally controllable guillotine for cutting steel with various thicknesses;
  • Three-axle bending press;
  • LINCOLN invertеr welding machine;
  • Welding machine Kempact Pulse 3000 able to do MIG pulse welding on stainless steel, aluminum and black steel;
  • Plasma cutting machine Powermax 30 – high quality device supporting state of the art inverter technology and digital processing of the signal for high quality end results;
  • Welding machine for electro-resistive welding.



And many more professional instruments for fine mechanical treatment e.g. - polishing surfaces to the desired roughness, flatness etc. Chemical treatment after welding, final treatment to desired result according to technical requirements.